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Who Am I? Animal Guessing Game

Who Am I? Animal Guessing Game

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Spark your child's joy of learning with our delightful animal-themed Guess Who! game for kids!!

Dive into a world of colourful cards and boards that turn learning into a playful adventure. Watch as your little ones take turns asking simple yes/no questions to uncover their opponent's mystery character. This not only brings giggles but also boosts speech, language skills, and animal recognition - all while they're having an absolute blast!

This game is a fantastic way to support your little one's social and emotional development, teaching them about taking turns and the fun of friendly competition!

Print at home and play straight away!!
Please note that this is a digital product. Start the fun in no time! Once your order is confirmed you will receive access to the download via email. If you have any questions please contact us and we'll be more than happy to help.
For a lasting game, consider printing in full colour and reinforcing the boards and animal cards on sturdy cardboard or laminate. Let the learning adventure begin!

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