Safety First

Safety First - A message from Tara

Hello awesome parents and caregivers! We're all about fun and learning at The Littles Learn, and your child's safety is our top priority. Here's a quick rundown of how we keep the joy flowing while making sure everyone stays safe and sound:

Supervised Fun: All our activities are designed to be enjoyed together with full adult supervision. We believe in the power of bonding and learning through play, side by side.

Choking Hazards: Some of our activities might include small parts that could be a choking hazard. These are meant for kids over 3 years old and should always be used under the watchful eye of an adult. Safety first, always!

Taste Safe: "Taste safe" doesn't mean snack time! It means that if a curious kiddo takes a little taste, it's made with non-toxic food ingredients. We're all about safe sensory exploration.

Supervised Sensory Play: Sensory activities are a blast, but they're always under adult supervision. We want your child to dive into new experiences while you're right there cheering them on.

Water Watch: Water play is awesome, but water safety is no joke. Kids should always be watched around water. Whether it's a splash or a dip, your watchful eyes are the superhero cape.

Inspiration Alert: Our activities are shared to spark creativity and inspire quality time with your little one. Remember, your child's safety is in your hands during these adventures.

Product Reviews: If we share a product review, it's straight from our personal experience. Your exerience may vary, so feel free to do a little detective work if you're considering a purchase.

Allergy Alert: While we might share allergy-friendly options, always play it safe by checking labels and doing your own research before introducing any new food to your child.

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