About Us

Hey there!!
I'm Tara – a proud mum of five amazing kids, aged 6 to 18
We’re originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, but have called Melbourne, Australia, home for the last 12 years. Our home is a lively mix with the kids, two dogs, two cats, and even a friendly snake!

You'll quickly notice that I've got a bit of a shopping addiction, a big love for all things Disney, and an almost excessive enthusiasm for planning holidays! But alongside these quirks, I'm a firm believer in keeping it real. In a world that often demands perfection, I choose not to take myself too seriously. You'll always find the unfiltered and genuine me online – awkward, imperfect, and on a journey to embrace it all!

Back in 2018, when my youngest had just turned one, I started sharing easy activities on Instagram – a way to keep things screen-free and get through the days with two toddlers at home. Those days at home needed a creative twist, and that's where it all began. Building a community there has been a joy, and connecting with all of you is the highlight of this adventure.

My true passion lies in sharing simple activity ideas, crafting inspiration, and cool science experiments. These ideas have stood the test of my own kids' energetic days and rescued me during many chaotic moments at home.

Between quality time with the kids and content creation, you'll often find me indulging in some trashy TV while exploring the web for new things that catch my interest. It's all part of the adventure, after all.

This platform is more than just a collection of activities; it's a glimpse into my journey as a mum, small business owner, and content creator.

So, if you're up for easy creativity, family stories, a dash of my shopping escapades, and a sprinkle of everyday chaos, then you've found your place.

I'm truly thrilled and grateful that you're here.

Tara xx