Dairy Free Lolly Cake

Dairy Free Lolly Cake

If you have been to New Zealand then you will have seen (and probably tasted!!!) Lolly Cake. There is not a single healthy aspect to this 'cake' and its traditionally made with butter, condensed milk, malt biscuits and lollies (Fruit Puffs or 'Explorers'). It's DELICIOUS and a much cherished sweet treat in New Zealand! The lollies used can vary but the classic is definitely made with these harder puff type lollies that look like marshmallow but are more dense.

I have never seen a dairy free lolly cake before but when I tasted Biscoff biscuits I knew these could be used as an alternative to the malt biscuits which contain milk.
Texturally the Biscoff biscuits are slightly different but adding a few plain biscuits like Arnotts Teddy Bears or Vanilla Wine biscuits helped with the flavour and texture and the end result of this dairy free lolly cake was so similar to the regular version that my teenagers thought they were eating 'normal' lolly cake!!!


100 grams melted Nuttelex (or other dairy free butter)
1/2 tin Condensed Coconut Milk
1 x 250g pack of Biscoff Biscuits
5-6 Plain Vanilla Biscuits (I used Arnotts Teddy Bears)
1 packet of Explorers, Fruit Puffs or Puffed Banana lollies (or whatever lollies you want to add)
Dessicated Coconut for the outside

1. Smash up your Biscoff biscuits and plain biscuits together with a rolling pin, you can use the food processer but it is better if there are some big chunks in there!
2. Cut up your lollies.
3. Add the biscuit crumbs and lollies to a bowl.
4. Add your melted butter and condensed milk to the crumb mix and stir until combined. 
5. Roll out gladwrap and sprinkle with coconut before tipping the cake mix on top.
6. Shape the mix into a log and coat with coconut before rolling tightly in the gladwrap, you need it to be tight. Alternatively you can line a loaf pan with glad wrap and press the mix firmly into the tin but I prefer the log.
7. Put the lolly cake into the fridge until set.
8. Once set hard you can slice it up as needed. 

You will be surprised how similar this tastes to the lolly cake you are used to!!
You can store Lolly Cake in the fridge for up to a week.
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