DIY Shower Paint - Clean the shower and the kids!!!

DIY Shower Paint - Clean the shower and the kids!!!

Bathtime Art Made Easy: DIY Shower Paint for Clean Creative Fun!

If you're on the hunt for a simple and mess-free way to transform bath time into an artistic adventure, we've got just the thing – DIY shower paint! It's a fantastic way to add a pop of colour to those bubbly bath moments, and the best part? Cleanup couldn't be simpler with this washable wonder. With only two basic ingredients – shaving foam and food dye – you'll be ready to unlock a world of bath-time creativity. 
This recipe can be a true "day changer." When things start to get a little wild with the kids, just pop them into the shower to do some painting. It's a double whammy of fun – they get to unleash their inner artists, and you get some well-deserved peace and quiet (while closely supervising of course!) And to top it off the kids will get clean too!

Whether you're looking for creative fun, a moment of calm, or a quick way to combine both, you’ll want to try this DIY shower paint recipe!

You'll need:
A Muffin Tray or a few small bowls (a different bowl for each colour)
Shaving Foam
Food Dye

Simply squirt shaving foam into each part of the muffin tray, add a few drops of food dye for each colour and mix! 
That is way too easy!!!

Hand it to your little one in the shower with some paintbrushes and let them go for it!
Once they're done I recommend rinsing off their art right away. And if you notice your little one comes out with blue hands, don't worry too much, food dye doesn't stain skin permanently and it should come off with a soapy wash.

You can see a video of this activity in action here!

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