DIY Chalk Paint - Mess Free Art for Outside!

DIY Chalk Paint - Mess Free Art for Outside!

Mess-Free Creativity: Whip Up DIY Chalk Paint for Hours of Kid-Friendly Fun!

If you're on the lookout for an easy, mess-free way to keep the kids entertained outdoors, look no further. We've got the perfect recipe up our sleeves – DIY chalk paint! It's a game-changer that turns your backyard into a colourful canvas, and the best part? It washes away effortlessly with rain or a quick hose-down. All you need are some common kitchen ingredients – cornflour, water, and food dye – and you're ready to embark on an adventure in washable artistry. Whether you're a creative mum looking to keep the kiddos busy or simply want to add a pop of colour to your outdoor space, you’ll want to save this DIY Chalk Paint recipe! Let's get started on this mess-free, kid-approved craft!

It really is so simple, you will want to grab a muffin pan or a few small bowls. The muffin pan works perfectly as you can make many colours!!


You’ll need:
Food dye 
Dish soap (optional, add a few drops to each colour, it can help with clean up but isn’t essential!)

For each colour you will want to add equal parts cornflour and water.

Add drops of food dye for colour and stir until all combined.

It will look runny but trust me, as it dries it looks just like chalk!

And you’re done! Take it outside with some paint brushes and have lots of fun painting the driveway or sidewalk!

You can see a video of this activity in action here!

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